Author: Jamie Bradley
With over 30 years of working inside and outside printing, promotional and marketing companies, Jamie Bradley helps clients source and produce great marketing materials. He writes these occasional blogs to share ideas on how to create better and more effective products.

Meeting Checklist

Event planning means taking care of the details. Here’s a meeting checklist to keep you on track. There’s a lot of work that goes in event planning for meetings and conferences. Here are some of the typical must-have items for

Best holiday gifts for 2017

Planning for the holidays

Holiday gifts – it’s that time again Are you struggling to decide what holiday gifts to give your clients, vendors and employees this season? This post is for you. The #1 reason clients (and employees) report why they move on

Sophwell Receives 2015 Best of Reading Award

Sophwell is the Best of Reading 2015 Award for Marketing in the Reading/Woburn area

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The four things you need to do now on LinkedIn

I’ve taught several classes on using LinkedIn and optimizing profiles. Here are the four things I encourage everyone to do to improve their profile.

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Smart promotions for outdoor events

Find ideas for outdoor events in Woburn 42.496858, -71.126426

It’s time to start planning your outdoor events. The feel of the warm sun and the fresh smell of a summer barbecue will be here before you know it. Here are some ideas for helping your guests remember their outing in the great outdoors.

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What I learned about branding from The Daily Show

Every business would like to build a brand that’s as wildly popular with it’s fans as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The challenge is knowing what it takes to make that happen.

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Smart Thinking!

Matching up with local schools can create a great branding opportunity for companies that want to connect with families. One approach is to offer practical items with your company logo for giveaways through the school’s PTO. Conversely, the PTO can

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Fresh Ideas

Why not get creative with your next campaign? Take a look at these memorable campaign ideas that feature branded merchandise, or just contact us to take advantage of our creative expertise. DRIVE BOOTH TRAFFIC Heart Pedometer Host a “Trade Show

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Choose American Made Products this Summer!

Despite what you’ve heard, there are lots of great promotional items still made in the USA. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

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Your Brand. Every Day.

When weighing promotional products as part of your marketing strategy, it makes sense to compare them to other types of media. According to a 2010 worldwide research study completed by the Ad Specialty Institute (ASI), here’s how they compare. Promotional

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